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How does Find A Doctor website or mobile app help me?

Using either our website or mobile app, you can find a specific doctor or health facility within your location with ease. You can check details such as insurance accepted, mobile numbers, and exact location using the map, read qualifications and awards of the doctor or the facility and also check the reviews so that you visit a facility that has positive reviews. Additionally, you can know the opening and closing hours and even chat and book a doctor.

We understand that your knowledge of the specialty to consult may be limited. Find A Doctor has assisted by providing Insights. Go to Insights, the select Doctors. Each of the doctor's specialties is explained including sub-specialties.

Besides insights about doctors' specialties, you can get more on medical and surgical conditions and their treatments, health services, health facilities, and health news. These insights are curated by our editorial and reviewed by various technical teams composed of subject matter experts.

No, you do not need to log in to book a doctor. However, one of the mandatory details you provide while booking is your email address. After providing your email address you are automatically signed up for the Find A Doctor website and the mobile app.

Yes, you MUST be logged in to chat with a doctor or a health facility on the Find A Doctor website or mobile app.

No, you can review a doctor or a facility while not logged in. However, to submit your review, you need to provide your email address which is not displayed anywhere on the website or mobile app. 

All your personal information is held with utmost confidence as guided by our privacy policy. We do not sell or share any personally identifiable information against what we have defined in our privacy policy statement

Yes, the Find A Doctor provides adequate support to health seekers. On the website and the mobile app, there is a WhatsApp icon asking “Need any assistance” which allows our support team to assist you with any issues you might have trying to browse our website or mobile app. Additionally, mobile numbers and an email have been provided for an additional layer of support.

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