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What value does Find A Doctor add to my practice?

Find A Doctor is the most popular healthcare directory connecting thousands of Kenyan patients and clients to care. By listing your practice, you will be able to showcase your medical practice. Patients will have all the information about you, your vision, mission, core values, achievements, location, contacts, insurance accepted, your facilities and infrastructure, and other such information that builds confidence in your patients. Additionally, you can inform your patients about your services and their pricing. The patients can also book an appointment as well as chat with you. 

Find A Doctor accepts various payment methods, i.e. MPESA, VISA Card Master Card, and PayPal 

Submitting a listing is self-service. You must be logged into Find A Doctor, then look for the "Submit a Listing" button or link. 

Yes. You must create an account and log in to submit a listing on Find A Doctor.

We have tried to add as many possible locations as possible. However, should you find your location is not available, contact us via WhatsApp, email, or call, and will add it immediately.

Doctors' directory is more suitable to medical practices that what to identify themselves by the name of a doctor, who mostly are medical and surgical specialists. In this directory however, we have included clinical psychologists, community oral health officers and medical officers who can practice their trade as specialists. On the other hand, facilities directory is suitable for practices wanting to list as a health facility and include hospitals, medical centres, pharmacies, standalone laboratories and imaging centres etc.

Yes, Find A Doctor offers other forms of advertisement other than listing. Find A Doctor's website and mobile apps are high-traffic platforms where thousands of patients come to be connected to care and get various healthcare insights. We provide other advertisement services in these forms:-

  1. Featured Listings - Such listings appear on the landing pages of both the website and the mobile apps.
  2. Banners - These are HTML posters placed strategically on various pages on the website and mobile apps.
  3. Sponsored blog articles- Under various categories, we can write sponsored blog articles for your practice.
  4. Advertisement on our social media pages.

Every time a visitor clicks on "More Info | Chat | Book Appointment" button, the system records this as a view. The number of views are recorded by the "eye" icon as illustrated in the Figure below.

Number of views

Your listing will last on Find A Doctor platforms depending on the pricing plan you have chosen. Listings will expire within a month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year after which the owner will be expected to renew. Notices of expiry are usually sent through email. 

Yes, the Find A Doctor provides adequate support to health providers listing their practices on its platform. On the website and the mobile app, there is a WhatsApp icon asking “Need any assistance” which allows our support team to assist you with any issues you might have trying to browse our website or mobile app. Additionally, mobile numbers and an email have been provided for an additional layer of support.

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